Illusion uncovered: me, the flexible planner

Being in recovery means I am often around the house and flexible, so it’s not really a problem to schedule a call. Or so I thought until my friend told me I was inflexible.

This was a surprise to me, as I have always thought I was flexible. Instead of defending myself, I decided to check if my friend was right.

My friend and I had scheduled a Skype after months of not talking, but a day before my friend cancelled and suggested alternative times.

I was disappointed, and didn’t know if I was able to do the other times because my weekly schedule had just been turned upside down.

Since I hadn’t talked to my friend in months, and currently having socialisation as one of my priorities, I had scheduled the chat as one of my top priorities of the week.

Prioritised events have allocated space inbetween them to ensure I have the energy to attend. The remainder of the time, I am spontanous and follow my energy levels, which makes scheduling somewhat difficult.

I realised my friend was right, but the real eyeopener was when she said how she had been disappointed when I had prioritised dinner over her. I eat at set times and also have a set of other ayurvedic routines to help calm my mind and avoid insomnia, so moving meals can be difficult.

That’s when it dawned upon me that this was yet another illusion that was shedded: all my life I have thought of myself as flexible, but looking deep into my subconscious patterns I saw myself as being more inflexible than I had thought.

This is a great discovery, since it allows me to be more truthful to myself and my friends, as well as becoming a better planner. Hopefully the new awareness should help me become more flexible so I can allow more flow into my life.

As I told a friend yesterday; I am fairly flexible.

Author: Elisabeth Kolstad

I am a kundalini yoga teacher and writer in Bergen, Norway.

4 thoughts

  1. I feel I am flexible when necessary, but not always happy about being so accommodating, depending on who it or what it was for. I get more inflexible the older I get. 😊


    1. That is a good a good point; since I prioritise things that energizes me more, I’m far less accommodating. So inflexibility can be pretty good, too 😉


  2. The photo at the top of your post looks like Lanikai Beach in Hawaii. It is always interesting to hear people observe something about you and then realize that you did not realize it about yourself. Someone once commented on me being a people pleaser and I have been very aware of it ever since. It is strange to be with myself 24/7 and still seem to know so little about me. But when you discover something new, you can then acknowledge it and attempt to change it if you wish. If it makes you feel any better, I hate moving meal times as well. I am a big food fan. Keep up the reflection and renewal and Happy New Year!


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    1. Good to hear that I’m not the only inflexible foodie 🙂 Our minds are tricky, keeping truth from us to protect us, that’s why I love meditation! The photo is from Cuba 🙂


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