Be uniquely you

I have noticed how many yoga studios and advertisements for yoga classes often look the same no matter where you are in the world, and I have wondered whether that is healthy.

Now, I do realise yoga isn’t the only area of life or business that’s affected by a global look. But since, to me, what kundalini yoga does for you is cleanse your subconscious and helps you get rid of what isn’t uniquely you, it seems somehow against the point of kundalini yoga.

A dear friend recently recommended that I wear a mala, a pearl necklace, on photos, so that people who’re not familiar with yoga will recognise me as a yogi. I know it was well meant advice, but I think if we all have to wear a mala to look like a yoga teacher or use Doterra oils in the studios then something has gone wrong somewhere along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging those who wear malas or use Doterra oils. But my hope and prayer is that each and every kundalini yoga teacher have the courage to be themselves and trust that they will be recognised for who they are without having to wear a universal uniform (other than white clothes of course, which has a purpose) , and that whatever they choose to do, may it be a conscious choice and not one where one gets caught and merely follow the shepherd without thinking.

The same applies to advertisements for yoga classes. Being a former communication worker, it has been hard not being able to sit in front of the computer for some time and make those flyers that do often follow a standard look. Instead, I’ve had to go out of my comfort zone and use photos that weren’t necessarily what I wanted. A part of me wants not to stand out of the crowd and use the uniform type of photos that you often find on yoga events on i.e. Facebook or instagram. That way, you can be assured people aren’t going to react to the photos you post, but at the same time it’s a generic look that lacks uniqueness.

What really is difficult is when I find I’m challenged to use drawings on Instagram to promote my events. As some of my readers may remember, my latest blog post was on me not being able to draw. So this is especially challenging to post as my old self is judging it as unprofessional. So I stay with those feelings and post it anyway, trusting that those who are meant to find their way to my classes will find their way (and honestly the communication worker in me is praying that I will have a brain that can sit in front of the computer for longer periods again…).

But I’m kind of enjoying going out of my comfort zone using colours again and scaring myself. “What if it looks unprofessional,” my fear says. Well, that’s ok. Life is more than looks. And if I can help others daring to be themselves – daring to stand out of the crowd and be the unique person that came to planet earth, then it’s worth it. God knows, the world needs you to show up as you!

This is a post to remind you and encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and just be uniquely you. It doesn’t have to look slick or “perfect”. Perfect in my eyes is when it reflects you, when you’re uniquely you. If that means that it includes imperfection: perfect.

Author: Elisabeth Kolstad

I am a kundalini yoga teacher and writer in Bergen, Norway.

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