Love, fear and choices

There is quite a division in society at the moment. Have you asked yourself what type of future you want for yourself, your neighbours, friends, family, your children, grandchildren and future generations? What kind of a world do you want them to live in?

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you write it down on a piece of paper or even draw it? Or make a visionboard or visualise it during meditations? What is important for you in that future? How do you live and whom with, and what values and ethics are important in that society? How about health? Love? Work? Food? Thoughts?

I ask, because right now I think we are at a crucial point that can determine our future, and because knowing where you want to be is a helpful tool to live the best now as it will help you make choices here and now.

I say this because I keep hearing loved ones being ok with what I see as a division and segregation of our current culture. I’m not interested in the medical choice you made, but I know I don’t want to live in a world where a group of people are discriminated against or loosing their rights for any reason. So I ask you; what is your ideal world like?

I know that Ek ong kar – one true creation – is behind where I want to go. Oneness. A world where love pervails over fear. A world where we live in accordance with mother nature and don’t destroy her. A world where we have respect for each other. A world where peace and harmony pervails over anger and hatred. A world where we have nutritious healthy and organic foods free of preservatives etc. A world where we are happy and healthy. A world where we have compassion for each other. A world where we respect each other’s differences and choices. A world with fresh and pure air and water. A world where we know who we are and can be authentic and shine our light into the world. A world that is based on truth rather than lies.

A world where we don’t have pink elephants in the room, but can communicate about the elephants in a respectful and loving way.

A world where we can listen to each other without lashing out or getting angry at each other. A world where we don’t cut off anyone from society because they don’t share our views or choices. A world of peace, not war. A world where we are curious and open to our differences. A world where we have freedom of speech. A world of inclusiveness.

A world that is about living life fully feeling alive as well as feeling every dancing cell of your body.

A world of laughter, joy, love, light and creativity. A world where we can express our emotions in a healthy way rather than suppressing them. A world where… And so I could go on.

The main thing is to keep remembering what you want, and keep that close to you at all times and let it guide you now by reminding you what steps you can make right now to make that happen.

My prayer is that we all let love guide our way and that we can find a way forward in unison to a world that is a better place than our current scenario.

Author: Elisabeth Kolstad

I am a kundalini yoga teacher and writer in Bergen, Norway.

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