When your heart and mind disagree

A couple of months ago I became aware of how important it is to listen to your emotions (basically this means listening to your body). Spiritual catalyst Teal Swan talks about how we can heal physically by listening to what our emotions and body are saying. I figured it was worth a shot.

Throughout my recovery I have noticed I had a tendency of not listening to my body. That’s bad news if you’re trying to recover from a long term illness.

So when I had to cancel my second appointment with an alternative therapist in a row I thought, why is it I’m never too sick to see my craniosacral therapist or my ayurvedic doctor, but I always seem to feel frail when it comes to seeing this one? I had spent some time asking myself whether I was happy with my this therapist prior to this, so I decided to apply Teal’s method and listen to my body. So I decided I would stop seeing the therapist. Almost instantly I felt a wave of relief.

Then I started listening and paying more attention to my feelings and I felt less guilty and more joyful, lighter even.

Then, this week, I had a eureka moment: I was suddenly filled with an insight that I could feel was right, but which my rational mind said was ludicrous. I realised I had been resisting and ignoring what my body had told me months prior to this, and that I had a pattern of trying to control my emotions. No matter what your body is telling you or how you are feeling about something, it is never ludicrous.

When I heard what my body told me, I got angry. I didn’t want to hear what I was told because it didn’t suit my rational mind. Rationally, it’s completely incomprehensible. Yet, my body is talking a language that is loud and clear, and when I listen and allow myself to have the feelings, I feel happy.

However, that doesn’t stop my mind and heart battling.

I know from experience that my heart and body tend to be right, and that what seems impossible can be totally doable. That doesn’t mean that that will happen. The important thing is to listen to your body and not ignore it.

Through my recent experience I learnt that I had a very negative way of talking to myself, and I will change that programming so I can be more accepting of how I feel. And I realise I have some more work to do before my heart and body are synchronised. But, the important thing is that I have started the journey.

Listening to your heart is a way of tuning into your inner self and discovering what you desire and who you really are.

There are Buddhist meditations and yoga practices that open your heart and which aim to bring balance so that the heart and brain collaborate. When these two collaborate and are in harmony, we will allegedly experience more synchronicity and happiness in our lives.

Next time you’re in doubt about something: ask yourself how you’d feel if it A happened, and then how you’d feel when B happened, and allow yourself to just sense and feel instead of letting your mind tell you stories.

You might get surprised at the outcome. But most likely you’ll find your decision making and thus your life, becoming a heck of a lot easier. And if you find your heart and mind disagreeing, listen to your heart and aspire for balance in your life.

Author: Elisabeth Kolstad

I am a kundalini yoga teacher and writer in Bergen, Norway.

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